Terms and Conditions

The duration of the subscription is 4 weeks from Saturday to Thursday (24 days), with the exception of the working lunch from Sunday to Thursday (20 days), and Friday is a rest for the body and a psychological stimulus to continue to reach the goal.

- In the event of a desire to stop or complete the subscription, the customer service department shall be notified 48 working hours in advance.

- In the event that the driver arrives and there is no way to receive the meals, the meals will be returned and charged to the customer.

- In the event that meals are placed at the door of the house, the establishment is not responsible for any damage caused to them after they are placed.

● Cancellation is allowed during the first three days of subscription only
● To cancel the subscription, the amount of the days of receipt will be deducted in addition to 10% of the value of the remaining amount within 10 working days. Otherwise, you can transfer the subscription to another person from your side.

Important information and advice if following the keto diet program:

• The duration of entering the ketogenic state varies from person to person, as the period ranges from - to two weeks

• Failure to adhere to the system may negatively affect the results and delay entry into the ketogenic state

• Calorie-free drinks are allowed (tea - coffee or mint and others without adding sugar).

• It is allowed to add vegetables to meals, especially leafy vegetables and cucumbers

• Drink at least 3 liters of water per day

• It is preferable to eat dinner three hours before bed, so as not to cause satiety, insomnia and restlessness in sleep

• It is preferable not to take an open day during the first month of commitment to the program, so as not to cause an exit from the ketogenic state and thus impede weight loss.

• Getting out of keto is gradual until the body recognizes carbohydrates again

Possible side effects of the keto diet:

Because of the nature of the keto diet and the body’s lack of accustomedness to it, some people may experience side effects that go away over time, as it causes diuresis and thus excretes sodium and water from the body in large quantities, which leads to the feeling:
General fatigue
• Feeling lightheaded
To avoid or mitigate these symptoms, you must drink a sufficient amount of water.

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