Drinking water and its importance

Drinking plenty of water has many benefits for the body, skin and brain, in addition to its benefit for the success of all diets

It is necessary to take care of drinking water in any diet, whether your goal is to lose fat or build muscle.

We explain the importance of drinking water and its most prominent benefits for the body:

* Drinking a lot of water helps to get rid of false hunger and thus a feeling of satiety.

* It helps in building muscle by giving the muscles enough water and making the body hydrated, as the muscles are 70% water.

* Rids the body of fats and toxins.

It is necessary to drink 2.5 to 3 liters per day, and the greater the physical effort, the greater the need for water to compensate for what was lost during the effort, and the periods of drinking water are scattered throughout the day and not once so that the body benefits from it and does not expel it.

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