Weight stability and results follow-up

Losing weight may be difficult and slow for someone who exercises in a healthy and regular manner compared to someone who exercises only aerobic exercises and follows an unhealthy diet and depends on starvation

But whoever said that the goal is the number on the scale, the results can be perfect and healthy (decreased fat percentage - increase in muscle - increase in strength and fitness, etc.), but the scale is stable.

And the fact that the scale is fixed does not mean that the results are fixed at all.

Here we will show some ways to help you know your results regardless of the number in the scale:

* One of the best ways to follow up the results is to take a picture of the body from all sides after getting up every week and after 4-8 weeks of full commitment, the pictures are reviewed to see the difference.

* Metric measurements are also one of the preferred ways to accurately track the change in the body by taking measurements weekly and recording them

* Fat test, but try as much as possible to use the same device and that the periods are spaced from one to two months, as it is an imprecise process due to the different devices and their accuracy and the condition of the person during the examination and many factors that affect the examination.

* Work to develop exercises in terms of strength, endurance and fitness.

* Health factors such as energy levels during the day - mood - sleep - immunity. Development in such aspects is taken into account as a benefit and as a result of your commitment.

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